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Family owned & operated since 1956 we have over 100 residential & commercial rental properties as well offer competitive equipment financing.

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Leasing Application

Here you will find a savable/printable copy of our leasing application for your convienience.


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Rental Application

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Century, Inc.

Century, Inc. is a family-owned real estate holding company that has over 100 residential and commercial properties that we own and manage. We also provide lease financing for most any type of equipment, ie... cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, farm machinery, industrial equipment, etc. Our company has been serving PA and MD for over 60 years.

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Century Properties

If you need a place to live Century, Inc. offers a diverse selection of Residential homes and apartments from which to choose. We also offer prime location commercial properties to get your business noticed. We even have self-storage units!! Let us help you find the perfect Century, Inc. property.

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Century Leasing

We are a full service lease/finance company. We provide 1 to 5 years financing on equipment ranging from: semi-tractors and/or trailers, industrial equipment, passenger trucks and cars, recreational boats, etc. Call us today for your credit needs on loans starting at a minimum of $15,000.00 with approved credit. Our company has been serving PA and MD for over 60 years. LEARN MORE...

 Century Leasing Savings

Leasing provides the equipment you need without a large investment which means you can use your money for other things. How can Century Leasing help you keep more of your company's working capital ? FIND OUT HERE...

All the decisions are yours to make. You choose the dealer, the deal, and the equipment so your options are virtually limitless. Fill out our easy savable leasing application and contact us today! FIND INFO & LEASING APP HERE...